Want it sold? We can help.


You have competition now more than ever ! When you list a property it becomes more than a home; it is now a product for sale. Professional Home Staging highlights the two luxuries in any home- space and light.

Are you ready?

Over 90% buyers look online to get a peek at your property. Is it ready to be photographed for the MLS listing and for an open house? Clutter, misplaced furniture, vibrant wall colours are all visually distracting when looking at property photos online.

Are you on the “must see” list?


Buyers spend less than 10 seconds viewing your MLS listings. Staging can get you on the list. While living in a property it is decorated to suit your lifestyle. When selling staging markets your property for sale. Incorporate a Home Staging Consultation in your marketing plan to:

Attract attention
Gain interest and desire
Create demand and sell
Initiate action ON the buyer

Don’t leave your equity behind!


Take the next step to get the most equity from the sale of your property. A home is usually the largest investment in a person’s life. It’s your money, you decide. Contact us today to book your home staging consultation. Sell your property for the best price in the least amount of time.